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It is possible to find nourishment in all areas of our lives.

Nothing changes unless we change it. What would you like to be different? 

“Pilates at Deveau Wellness Haus is an invigorating experience. Brit is an expert in gently but firmly encouraging you to bring the very best out of your practice, every time. She has created a beautiful and comfortable space with all the best Pilates equipment. Highly recommend her challenging and fantastic classes!”

Rachel Culver


What can DEVEAU Wellness Haus do for you?

Looking to shake up your life? DEVEAU Wellness Haus is here to provide you with all the tools you need in order to reach your goals. It is possible to enjoy your life and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our programs are strategically designed so that clients find meaningful and actionable takeaways. Whether you are looking for a guide on the side throughout your health discoveries or an opportunity to dive into a movement practice through a thoughtful practice. Deveau Wellness Haus is here for you! Explore our offerings below.

Wholistic Health Coaching

Dedicated to you

The wholistic health approach is focused on looking at each of us as a unique individuals situation, personal beliefs, our bio-individual needs and preferences. Our lives are personal and should be respected as such. Wether you are interested in evaluating your personal food choices, inter-personal relationships/habits, spiritual self investment or professional growth, the decision is ultimately up to you. 


Through compassionate accountability, change is possible.  

 Deveau Wellness Haus wants to help you uncover and receive nourishment for all areas of your life, both on and off your plate. We all want a life that we love. 

Herbs and Vegetables

Pilates: Embodied Movement Practice

Committed to quality

Through an embodied Pilates movement practice, we can reconnect and discover movement abilities that will help you to create the life you dream about. Our bodies are smart and capable of amazing things. Working with Deveau Wellness Haus will provide space for you to concentrate and take care of your self through breath work, visualization and physical movement. 

Better balance, Yes! Strength, power & control, you bet! More satisfaction with your experience of moving your physical self through your life. Deveau Wellness Haus delivers thoughtful customized instruction to each client. Program a specific regime with the individuals' aliments, physical limitations, desires and goals in mind.  DWH studio offers weekly private sessions for studio members, group classes, virtual options, customizable workshops more.  


Ready to begin to discover what positive change really feels like within your body?

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Interested in working with Deveau Wellness Haus?

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